School Talks

School talks deliver key Leaver’s messages and give students an understanding of what to expect and what to do to be prepared for Leavers. There are a number of agencies that are involved with the planning of Leavers and provide on the ground outreach, support and activities during the celebration.

These agencies regularly deliver the Leavers School Presentation and are willing to present information. Each agency can provide a focus on particular issues related to Leavers such as alcohol and drugs, sexual health, healthy relationships, road safety and have several years experience in managing Leavers. If you would like an agency to present, contact one of the agencies below for more information, or the Leavers Project Manager for further details.

A small charge may apply to some presentations.





HOPE Community Services

Alcohol & Drug Issues 

 (08) 6391 0450

Red Frog Crew

The Realities of Leavers week 

1300 557 123

Royal Life Saving Society of WA 

Alcohol & Water safety issues 

(08) 9383 8200


Sexual health, healthy relationships, risk taking & decision making related to substance use

(08) 9482 0000