Online Safety

Staying Safe on Social Media

Social media is a huge part of Leavers celebrations and can be a great way of recording your experience and sharing with other Leavers… but it can also have consequences that last a lot longer than a week.

Make sure your profiles are private

Make sure your accounts are set to private so only friends you know can see your profile. If your profile is public, anyone can see and share your posts and personal information.

How to stay safe online 

  • Once leavers is over you are going to want to be able to move on and look forward but if you post something compromising the consequences can affect your future. 

  • If you wouldn't want your parents or future employer to see it, it may not be the best idea to post it. 

  • Don't post while you are intoxicated. If you do choose to drink wait until the morning to post online, you don't want to regret it. 

  • Don't post compromising or embarrassing pictures or videos of your friends. 

  • Posts on social media often have your location linked to it so if you wouldn't want them to know where you are don't accept them as your friend and let them see all of your posts. 

You can find more information about how to stay safe online here.