Welcome to The City of Busselton


  • Working with WA Police, the City of Busselton wants to help ensure the safety and comfort of Leavers, accommodation providers, local business and residents.
  • We understand that it’s important for Leavers to celebrate the end of their school careers and our aim is to make it as memorable as possible for all the right reasons. 
  • The Entertainment Zone will again offer a vast array of festivities each night. Remember there are a variety of support services available during Leavers Week. Make sure your teens are aware of them and use them, if needed.
  • I urge parents to encourage your teens to respect themselves, look after their mates, respect the people who are there to ensure their safety, respect fellow Leavers and respect the residents of the region.
  • Please also respect the environment, leave it as you found it and dispose of rubbish responsibly.
  • Finally, we look forward to welcoming all Leavers in November. I am sure Leavers will find us a friendly, welcoming town, eager to show off this beautiful part of the country.