Leavers Harm Minimisation Partners


Top Tips for Leavers and Parents

  • Number 1 is “research your destination”.
  • Number 2 is “Only bring the essentials”.
  • Finally, know that there is lots of help available so plan ahead to know where to get it!
  • Call the Red Frogs Hotline on 1300 557 123 for any non-urgent assistance.
  • Red Frogs Parents information
  • Red Frogs Parents Tips


  • Royal Life Saving Society WA organises BeachFest at Meelup Beach. 
  • Be a Mermate - look out for your mates at the beach and get them out of harms way before disaster strikes.
  • Swimming whilst under the influence, or at night, is dangerous and should be avoided.  
  • Call an ambulance if you have a serious health emergency.
  • For more information visit Royal Life Saving WA.



  • WAAC has been involved with Leavers WA for 20 years.
  • WAAC aims to optimise the sexual health and well being of all.
  • We support Leavers in reducing risk when it comes to sexual activity and the use of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Harm reduction is based on the idea of reducing adverse consequences for people who are partaking in an activity.
  • We also support LGBTQI+ leavers through advocacy and visibility during the week.
  • We have a day team and a night team of around 30 trained volunteers who are interested in sexual health, youth work and harm reduction.
  • We are in the Chill Out Tent at the Entertainment Zone - come and relax, chill, chat and watch a movie. 
  • We encourage parents to have conversations with your young person about sexual health, alcohol and drug use.
  • Talking with your young person has been shown to lead to better create better sexual health outcomes for them.
  • Our Volunteers will be in RED shirts during Leavers week.
  • For more information visit WAAC.