Before They Go - Information for Parents

Please have a look at the following information about Leavers, and what you can do to help your school leaver have a safe and enjoyable Leavers.

Know their plans for Leavers

  • If your child is celebrating in Dunsborough ensure they take photo ID with them to purchase a 2021 Leavers wristband.
  • Encourage your child to celebrate during the official Leavers period only which is Monday 22nd – Thursday 25th November 2021. This is the safest time for them to celebrate. The weekend prior to Leavers has in the past attracted “toolies” or troublemakers who cause problems for school leavers.
  • Know the dates that your son or daughter will be away.
  • Know how they will be getting to and from their destination, and how they intend to travel around once they arrive. Know where your leaver is staying – obtain the name, address and contact details of the accommodation venue.
  • Obtain a copy of the accommodation contract and be familiar with the terms and conditions of the contract. Discuss these with your son or daughter.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to work out a budget for their holiday.
  • Ask your son or daughter who they are travelling /staying with.
  • Read about the extra help involved in managing Leavers.

Know your responsibilities

  • Do not provide your children with alcohol to take to Leavers. Even if your child is 18, the vast majority of Leavers are under 18 and all Leavers activities are alcohol-free. Leavers is a great time for your children to celebrate completing high school and a lot of agencies and volunteers work very hard to ensure Leavers have a fun, safe experience without the need for alcohol consumption.
  • Under the new Liquor Control Act juveniles are unable to possess alcohol in a public place. Opened or unopened alcohol will be confiscated by WA Police and juveniles fined $200. Adults who purchase liquor for juveniles are a significant problem for Leavers and contribute to alcohol related harm, anti-social behaviour and offences such as sexual assault and violent crimes.
  • Adults may also be breaking the law and can be fined a maximum of $2,000.
  • Parents are reminded that research shows that young people who drink alcohol in an unsupervised manner consume alcohol at more harmful levels. History also shows juveniles will purchase additional alcohol, thus consuming much more alcohol than parents may be aware of.

Be comfortable

  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the accommodation, travel arrangements and with whom your son or daughter is going away. Do this well before Leavers to ensure there are no last minute disagreements or misunderstandings.
  • Let your son or daughter know they can contact you at any time while they are away if they have a problem, or need to come home.
  • Be prepared for an emergency.
  • Obtain the contact details of your son or daughter and the accommodation venue.
  • Check that your son or daughter has your contact details and those of another next of kin at home.
  • Print out the useful contacts list for your son or daughter to take with them.
  • Download the Leavers WA App for your phone
  • Inform your son or daughter that if they experience any problems, they should contact you, or the WA Police or any of the support services.

Talk about safety

  • Discuss the dangers and consequences of binge drinking with your son or daughter.
  • Illicit drugs aren’t often associated with Leavers. But it would be worthwhile knowing some of the risks associated with illicit drug use. For information about illegal drugs visit Drug Aware
  • See our Stay Safe Tips for Leavers and discuss these with your son or daughter before they go.