Before They Go


Know their plans for Leavers

  • Encourage your child to celebrate during the official Leavers period (Monday 18th November - Thursday 21st November 2024) - This is the safest time for the to celebrate. 

  • Know how they will be getting to and from their destination, and how they intend to travel around once they arrive. 

  • Obtain a copy of the accommodation contract/terms and conditions of the contract and discuss these with your child. 

  • Encourage your child to work out a budget for Leavers 

  • Check that your child has your contact details and those of another next of kin at home. 

  • Inform your child that if they experience any problems, they should contact you, or the WA Police or any of the support services. 

  • Follow the Leavers WA Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date. 

Know your responsibilities 

  • Do not provide your children with alcohol to take to Leavers. All Leavers WA events are alcohol, drug and smoke (including vapes) free. 

  • Under the Liquor Control Act juveniles are unable to possess alcohol in a public place. Opened or unopened alcohol will be confiscated by WA Police and juveniles will be fined $200. 

  • Adults may also be breaking the law and can be fined up to $2,000. 

  • Parents are reminded that research shows that young people who drink alcohol in an unsupervised manner consume alcohol at more harmful levels. 

Talk about safety

  • Discuss the dangers and consequences of binge drinking with your child. 

  • Illicit drugs aren't often associated with Leavers. But it would be worthwhile knowing some of the risks associated with illicit drug use. For more information about illegal drugs you can visit Drug Aware. 

  • See our Stay Safe Tips for Leavers and discuss these with your child before they go.