What Police Expect From You

Police are there to make your time at Leavers safe. Treat the Police the way you expect to be treated. They expect that you respect the town, the community, and your fellow Leavers.

Drivers law

Inexperienced Drivers

There are a large number of inexperienced drivers on the roads at this time of the year. Most car accidents are caused by driving tired, driving drunk and being inexperienced. Don’t drink and drive. If you are heading out, nominate a driver or leave the car at home, use public transport where available.

  • Don’t drive tired. Ensure that there are a few people in the car who can share the driving as a rule try swapping drivers at least every 2 hours.
  • Look for “driver reviver” stations. These stations offer refreshments and are provided for your safety.
  • The driver is legally responsible for all passengers.
  • The driver needs to ensure that seat belts are worn by all passengers.
  • Under the new ‘Anti-hoon’ legislation, people who endanger innocent lives through reckless behaviour can now have their vehicles impounded.

Novice driver legislation

  • Visit the Office of Road Safety website for the latest information.
  • Provisional Drivers who have had their licence for less than 6 months are not allowed to drive between the hours of midnight and 5am unless for work, training or education purposes. Those found driving at these times face fines of $200 and the loss of demerit points.
  • Learner and Provision Drivers who fail to display the correct plates identifying their driving status may receive a fine up to $100
  • P-plate drivers’ Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) must be zero.

Find out more from the Office of Road Safety website.