Leavers WA Mobile App Privacy Policy

About the Leavers WA app

The Western Australian Police Force (also called WA Police) provides the Leavers WA mobile application (and associated websites and software) to help manage Leavers WA events.

By using the Leavers WA app, your information is made available to WA Police (and WA Police can use it for COVID-19 purposes and limited other purposes).

About this Privacy Policy

What this policy is about. This Leavers WA Privacy Policy sets out how WA Police collect, process, hold, disclose and use personal information of individuals who access and use the Leavers WA app (and associated websites and software).

Changes to this policy. WA Police may update this policy from time to time. If WA Police change this policy, WA Police will notify you through the Leavers WA app or through a WA Police website.

If you continue to use the Leavers WA app, the changed policy will apply from the time it was changed.

Information the Leavers WA app collects about you

The information that WA Police may collect about you if you use the Leavers WA app includes:

  • your name, date of birth and contact details;
  • your vaccination details that you upload; and
  • your vaccination details on the Australian Immunisation Register.

We may also collect information to establish that you are, in fact, a Year 12 school leaver.

How WA Police uses your personal information

WA Police uses your personal information to manage Leavers WA events, and to check whether people are complying with COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Your information may also be used to:

  • respond to your comments and questions;
  • resolve your support incidents; and
  • send you information related to Leavers WA events.

WA Police also use your personal information to support, maintain, protect and improve the Leavers WA app and other WA Police technologies, including by:

  • understanding and enhancing your experience of the Leavers WA app; and
  • protecting, investigating and deterring fraudulent, unauthorised or illegal activity.

Your personal information is not sold or shared for commercial purposes.

Other disclosure, use and storage of your information

Information collected using the Leavers WA app (and associated technology) may be disclosed to, and used by:

  • WA Police's service providers for the purpose of assisting WA Police to operate, manage and improve Leavers WA technologies and Leavers WA events – for example, those who sell wristbands for Leavers WA events and those who check entry at Leavers WA events;
  • authorities with powers and responsibilities in relation to COVID-19 (and those helping them) such as the State Emergency Coordinator, the Chief Health Officer and other authorities for the purpose of overseeing and managing WA's COVID-19 response); and
  • those to whom WA Police must (by law) disclose your information (e.g. a court or tribunal, or another government body).

Also, when you wear a 2021 wristband, this could indicate to others that you have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination (otherwise you wouldn't have a wristband).

WA Police may also use and disclose your information as required or authorised by law – for example, under formal legal processes for serious criminal investigations.

(Note that the Emergency Management Act 2005 https://www.legislation.wa.gov.au/legislation/statutes.nsf/law_a9384.html strictly limits the disclosure and use of information that is obtained under COVID-19 emergency powers.)

How your personal information is stored

Amazon Web Services. WA Police manages the storage of your information using Amazon Web Services. Amazon is subject to both Australian and overseas laws that may require the disclosure of your information (in limited circumstances) to government authorities here and overseas.

WA Police may continue to keep your information. WA Police may keep your information for its compliance and monitoring purposes – even after the Leavers WA events have finished. Keeping your information is required by law (such as State records laws).

WA Police not liable

WA Police is not responsible for any loss as a result of your use, or your inability to use, the Leavers WA app or associated technologies. This includes any loss, damage, cost or expense, including loss of profits or income, loss or denial of opportunity, loss of use and loss of data.

Your other rights

Access to your personal information. You have the right to access personal information that is collected about your through your use of the Leavers WA app. To access your personal information, contact WA Police at the details below.

Correcting your personal information. If you believe that personal information that is held about you in connection with Leavers WA is incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date, then please contact WA Police at the details given below, and provide WA Police with the correct, updated information.

Complaints. If you have any enquiries or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy or the way your personal information is handled, contact WA Police as set out below.

Contact WA Police. For all enquiries relating to the Leavers WA app, contact WA Police at LeaversWA@police.wa.gov.au.