The South West region is full of exciting attractions and beautiful beaches, however it is vast and distances between locations can be tens or hundreds of kilometres.

It is therefore important to plan your journeys to ensure you can get there and back safely.

Nominate safe drivers, travel during the day if possible (night time can have wildlife on the road), revive your driver with breaks on longer journeys and DO NOT drink or do drugs and drive.  

Getting to 'The Zone'

The Zone is held in an area away from the townsites of Busselton and Dunsborough, where the sound and crowds will not disturb the local population.

To ensure that our Leavers are able to travel safely to and from Zone and BeachFest a circular shuttle service is operated between some of the popular accommodation sites and our entertainment areas. 

Please visit our Bus Information page for more info on our shuttle service. 

Bus Information