Event Terms and Conditions


  1. The following Terms and Conditions apply to all patrons purchasing a ticket to or accessing official Leavers WA events or services.
  2. In these Terms and Conditions:
    1. ‘Event Organiser’ means the WA Police Force and its staff, officers, volunteers, agents, security and contractors (at any tier).
    2. ‘Wristband’ means the official Leavers WA wristband issued through Wristband collection points.
    3. ‘Patron’ means a person who purchases an official Leavers WA wristband.
    4. 'Leavers WA ticket' means a ticket or QR code received by the Patron following an online purchase of the same, which must be presented at a Wristband collection point in exchange for a Wristband.
    5. 'Wristband collection point' means any location nominated by the WA Police Force where leavers can collect their Wristband.
  3. Patrons who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions will not be permitted to access official Leavers WA events or services.
  4. Patrons who fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions may be removed from events or services and risk having their wristband removed without refund of any fees paid by them.
  5. The Event Organiser has an absolute right to enforce these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Wristbands can only be purchased by a Year 12, 2024 school leaver or equivalent.
  2. To collect a Wristband, patrons must provide:
    1. an authentic Leavers WA ticket; and
    2. a current photo ID in the form of a driver’s licence, passport, proof of age card, or school ID card (with an up-to-date photo).
  3. If a Patron cannot provide sufficient photo ID, they will not be issued a Wristband.
  4. Purchase of a Wristband does not guarantee entrance into events. Entry is subject to event capacity limits, together with all other relevant factors.
  5. Wristbands are valid for either the four-nights of the official Leavers WA event period or one night of the event period (depending on the ticket type purchased by the Patron).
  6. Wristbands are the sole responsibility of the Patron.
    1. Wristbands that have been cut, removed, stretched, or tampered with will be deemed invalid.
    2. Replacement Wristbands may be issued at the sole discretion of Leavers WA if the damaged Wristband is returned with appropriate proof of purchase and photo ID.
    3. Lost Wristbands will not be replaced, reissued or refunded.
    4. The Event Organiser may refuse entry to or remove any person from Leavers WA events or activities if that person:
      1. displays antisocial, aggressive or intimidating behaviour;
      2. consumes alcohol or any illicit substance;
      3. smokes cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes and vapes);
      4. engages in dangerous activities, for example, moshing, crowd surfing or stage diving;
      5. possesses any item that may cause harm, intimidation or nuisance;
      6. fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions;
      7. fails to comply with any other reasonable instruction from the Event Organiser.
    5. The Event Organiser reserves the right to confiscate the Wristband of any Patron who is removed from events or services for any of the above reasons indefinitely.
    6. There will be no refund of any unused portion of the Wristband fee if a Patron is refused entry or removed from events or services.


    1. Patrons access Leavers WA events and services at their own risk.
    2. The Event Organiser and its and its staff, officers, volunteers, agents, security and contractors shall not be held liable (in negligence or however) for any loss, injury or damages sustained travelling to/from or during any official Leavers WA events.
    3. Patrons acknowledge and agree that:
      1. they may be photographed, videoed or otherwise recorded by the Event Organiser or their agents in connection with Leavers WA events and/or services;
      2. Leavers WA or their agents may use, reproduce, publish, broadcast, distribute, commercialise, adapt, modify, edit, sell exhibit, store, dispose of, deal with or otherwise exploit in any media such comments or images (or any part of the images) (materials) for the purposes of Leavers WA promotional purposes (including without limitation, on the internet, such as Leavers WA website and social media) without any further reference or compensation to them;
      3. they consent to images being taken by or on behalf of Leavers WA and understand that they may be identifiable; and
      4. they waive all rights to own, inspect or approve the images or other materials (including any and all intellectual property therein) or their use.


    1. Leavers WA events or services may be altered or cancelled without notice. No refunds will be provided due to such cancellation.
    2. No refunds will be provided in the event Emergency Management directions result in some or all official Leavers WA events or services being cancelled.
    3. To the extent permitted by law, Wristbands are not refundable. Under these Terms and Conditions, the Event Organiser is not required to provide a refund or remedy if:
      1. a Patron has a change of mind or personal circumstances;
      2. a Patron is denied entry to or removed from any Leavers WA event or service.


    1. Patrons attending official Leavers WA activities may be subjected to searches of their property and person by WA Police Force officers. Any prohibited items will be confiscated and may not be returned to the Patron.
    2. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following:
      • Alcohol;
      • Illegal substances (controlled, dangerous or illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia);
      • Cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes and vapes);
      • Lighters, matches and sparklers;
      • Weapons and other items that could cause harm, intimidation or public nuisance;
      • Glass, bottles, cans;
      • Aerosol cans;
      • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades/skates;
      • Animals (excluding service dogs such as guide dogs or emergency service dogs);
      • Commercial grade filming or photo equipment; and
      • all bags and backpacks larger than 22.9cm x 16.2cm.
    3. The Event Organiser may not be held responsible (in negligence or howsoever) for what happens to any confiscated items.
    4. Patrons authorise the Event Organiser to obtain medical attention of any type for the Patron at the Patron's cost if an incident occurs and the Patron is unwilling or unable to seek treatment.
    5. The Event Organiser reserves the right to augment or otherwise vary these Terms and Conditions at any stage.
    6. If, despite any expressed or implied provision of these Terms and Conditions to the contrary, the Event Organiser or the State of Western Australia (or any agent, instrumentality or emanation thereof) is found to be liable to a Patron, the Patron's right to damages (for any cause of action whatsoever) is hereby limited to a maximum of ten dollars ($10.00).