Top Tips for Leavers

  1. Stay safe, stay together and if you get separated have a safe meetup location. 

  2. Wear your Leavers wristband and carry photo ID.

  3. Be respectful to everyone.

  4. Research your accommodation - read reviews and know their rules.

  5. Only bring the essentials...leave your valuables at home.

  6. Know your transport options - to, from and during Leavers.

  7. Know the law.

  8. Remember, it's ok to say no.

  9. Party safe - know your limits.

  10. Know where to go for help and don't be afraid to ask for help.

  • Contact the Red Frogs helpline 1300 557 123 
  • For Police assistance, ring 131 444. Save 000 for life threatening emergencies.