What is the difference between a 'Verified' and 'Unverified' Wristband Ticket?

'verified' wristband ticket means that your eligibility to attend leavers has been validate by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) meaning you are only required to provide an original hard copy of photo ID when collecting your wristband. You are also able to collect your wristband on Sunday 19th of November. 

An 'unverified' wristband ticket means that the attendee has not had their eligibility to attend Leavers WA validated by SCSA. This means you must bring down your proof of year 12 documents and a current original hardy copy of photo ID to the wristband collection point. You are also ONLY able to collect your wristband starting from Monday 20th November not Sunday 19 November - please do NOT try and line up and you will be TURNED AWAY. 

Why do I need to use my WA Student Number to purchase a verified wristband ticket? 

By purchasing a verified wristband ticket you are guaranteed to receive your wristband once it has been validated by SCSA. This means shorter wait times and you won't need to bring your proof of year 12 documents down to the South West. By using your WA student number it allows SCSA to validate your eligibility to attend Leavers. 

How can I tell if I have purchased an unverified wristband?

If you purchased your wristband in the first sales period (14th Aug - 2nd Oct 2023) your wristband ticket will be verified. Any tickets bought in the second sales period (From 4th Oct - 23rd Nov) are all unverified tickets and you will be required to bring down your proof of year 12 documents when collecting your wristband. Please note it will also state on the ticket that it is unverified. 

Can I purchase a wristband in person?

No, wristbands can only be purchased online not in person. 

What do I get access to with an official Leavers WA wristband?

Access to the Leavers Bus Services, Entertainment Zone, BeachFest and associated supported services. 

My Accommodation booking includes a wristband - can I use this to access the official Leavers events?

No, accommodation bookings are not associated in any way with the Leavers WA events and services. You are still required to purchase an Official Leavers WA wristband to enter the Zone and BeachFest. 

Can someone else collect my wristband for me?

No, unfortunately we need to site the leavers Photo ID in order to give them the wristband, therefore we do require the person who is attending the event to collect their own wristband. 

Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want to go?

No, unfortunately we don't offer refunds if an attendee changes their mind. You can read more in our Event Terms & Conditions. 

Can I resell/reissue my ticket to someone else? 

No, the ticket/wristband can only be issued in the persons name/WA student ID number it was originally purchased by. 

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