Wristband Sales

For information on wristband sales, including when, where and what ID you'll need, please visit Wristband Sales.

What does my Leavers WA wristband entitle me to?

Access to the Leavers Bus Service, Entertainment Zone, BeachFest and associated support services.

My accommodation booking included a wristband. Can I use this to access official Leavers events?

No. Accommodation bookings are not associated in any way with the Leavers WA events and services. 

Is there a different coloured wristband for 17 and 18 year olds?

No, there is only one coloured wristband provided for the official Leavers WA event.

Why can't wristbands be issued through schools?

Issuing wristbands early (such as through schools) has been considered in previous years, however it has been determined that this presents an unacceptable risk to the safe delivery of Leavers WA.

Access to Leavers WA events is strictly controlled to ensure, to the best of our ability, that only legitimate leavers can attend. Issuing wristbands early reduces the ability of event organisers to ensure wristbands are only issued to legitimate leavers, and increases the likelihood of lost wristbands, counterfeit wristbands, and the potential for wristbands to end up in the wrong hands.