The Zone

What time does The Zone open?

The Zone is open from Monday - Thursday from 7pm - 1am during the week of Leavers WA. 

What is happening at The Zone?

This year the Zone features an exception line-up of artists that will have you dancing all night long and captivating art installations that will be the perfect place for snapping a pic, and getting lost in a world of creativity and imagination. 

But wait there's more! An array of engaging activities, including amusement rides, and a digital & physical playground to let loose, featuring Kararoke! 

Last but not least, let's not forget the legendary Silent Disco. Grab your headphone, grab your mates and dance like nobody's watching! 

Will there be food at The Zone? 

Yes, there will be an array of food trucks available at the Zone for leavers to purchase food & soft drink! 

Can I take a bag into The Zone?

Yes, a small bag (maximum: 22.9cm x 16.2cm) is allowed into The Zone, however bags will be subject to be searched by security.   

There will be a cloak room set up at The Zone where leavers can leave their bags containing the personal belongs in. 

Can we take photos and videos? 

Yes, small personal cameras and mobile phones are permitted for personal use however: 

  • Any photos or videos taken are to be used for personal use only

  • Any photos or videos taken cannot be sole of published without written permission from Leavers WA 

Is there a separate area for over 18s? 

No, there is no separate area for over 18s. All Leavers WA activities are alcohol, drug & smoke free (this includes VAPING).

Are you allowed to drink at The Zone?

No, all Leavers WA activities are alcohol, drug & smoke free (this includes VAPING) 

What can you not bring into the Zone?

Prohibited items are as per our terms & conditions: 

  • No alcohol

  • No illegal substances (controlled, dangerous or illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia). 

  • No cigarettes (including e-cigarettes & VAPES)

  • No lighters, matches & sparklers 

  • No weapons and other items that could cause harm, intimidation or public nuisance 

  • No glass, bottles or cans 

  • No aerosol cans  

  • No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades/skates

  • No animals 

  • No commercial grade filming or photo equipment

For more information about The Zone click HERE