Can I still go to Leavers if I left school to complete TAFE/other education/training before finishing year 12?

Yes, you will need to provide proof that you would have been in Year 12 this year. This can be done through your WA Student Number, alternatively if you are required to provide proof of Year 12 documents any of the below are suitable as long as you present them with your Photo ID: 

  • A letter from WA Department of Education

  • A Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12 school report*

  • A letter from your school, TAFE or Education/Training Provider

  • A letter of TAFE enrolment

*Please note you are only eligible to attend Leavers in the year you are graduating Year 12. 

How do I find my WA Student Number?

Your WA Student number is located on any of your high school reports. It is normally an 8 digit number. Alternatively if you can't find your WA Student number on your reports your school should have it on file, otherwise you can contact the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). 

What happens if I enter the incorrect WA Student Number?

If you have entered an incorrect WA student number please contact us via leaverswa@police.wa.gov.au so we can correct the number. 

What Identification am I required to bring when collecting my wristband? 

For Verified Wristband Tickets you are only required to bring an original hard-copy photo ID with a current photo with you to collect your wristband. 

Acceptable forms of ID Include: 

  • Drivers License (including learners permit)

  • Passport

  • Smart rider with school and photo

  • WA photo card 

For Unverified Wristband Tickets you are required to bring your proof of Year 12 Documents as well as an original hard-copy photo ID with a current photo when collecting your wristband. 

For more information about Wristband Collection Identification Requirements click HERE

Can I attend Leavers if I am from another state? 

Unfortunately as we do require WA student ID numbers to validate wristbands/tickets, Leavers WA is only for students who have attended school in Western Australia. 

Can I attend Leavers if I was held back a year? 

Unfortunately, if you've been held back and are repeating a year (e.g., repeating Year 11), you won't be eligible to attend Leavers WA events this year (2024). Your eligibility comes in the year you officially graduate from Year 12, which will be in 2025.

For more information about eligibility click HERE