Call 000 in an emergency or life-threatening situation for police, fire or ambulance services.

To report problems with this website or to provide feedback on Leavers contact:




WA Police Assistance 

131 444 (Available 24 hours a day)

WA Police Website

For police attendance, not for emergencies 

Remember to put your I.C.E contact in your mobile phone for Leavers

Alcohol and Drug Support Line

(08) 9442 5000

1800 198 024 

Alcohol and Drug Support Website

Confidential counselling, support, information and referrals 24 hours a day for alcohol and drug use 

Crime Stoppers WA 

1800 333 000 

Crime Stoppers WA Website

Reporting information about crime 

Crisis Care

(08) 9223 1111

1800 199 008 

Crisis Care Website

Arranging help including temporary accommodation, protection for children, financial aid, counselling and support services - 24/7

Hope Community Services 

0422 280 677 (Dunsborough)

Hope Community Services

Information and referrals to Hope Community Services recovery tent (sobering-up shelter) Dunsborough only

Kids Helpline 

1800 551 800

Kids Helpline Website

Kids Help Line is  Australia's  only free, confidential and anonymous 24 hour telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 18

Parent and Family Drug Support Line

(08) 9442 5050 

1800 653 203 

Parent and Family Drug Support Website

Confidential counselling, information, referrals and support line 24/7 for anyone worried about a loved one's alcohol and drug use

RAC Roadside Assistance 

13 11 11

RAC Website

Roadside Assistance

Red Frogs Hotline 

1300 557 123

Red Frogs Website

Assistance, fun activities and support during Leavers

Sexual Assault Resource Centre

(08) 6458 1828 

1800 199 888 

SARC Website

Telephone Support for physical, emotional and social needs of sexual assault and abuse

WA AIDS Council

(08) 9482 0000 

WAAC Website

Confidential and anonymous telephone line that you can call for information about HIV, STIs and other sexual health issues. 

Operates Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Youth Legal Service

(08) 6458 1828 

1800 199 888   

Youth Legal Service Website

Free and confidential legal services to young people in Western Australia. 

Operates Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm