If your leaver asks you for alcohol, please consider the possible consequences. There are laws relating to supplying under age people with alcohol you need to consider and how accepting you are of their drinking has an impact on how much they may drink.

Your child will be exposed to a range of external pressures involving alcohol and it is almost certain that any alcohol you do provide them will not be the only alcohol they have access to at Leavers.

We strongly recommend you do not supply alcohol to leavers and that you discuss with them the implications of their drinking alcohol at Leavers.


Drinking alcohol will not enhance your Leavers experience but it may impact on your health and safety and it will impact on your decision making.

The activities and support at Busselton and Dunsborough are provided in an alcohol free environment. Make your Leavers is a time of good memories, activity and enjoyment – not of regret, of feeling unwell, and of missing out on the real Leavers experience with your friends.