Leavers WA 2017

Monday November 20th to Thursday November 23rd

“Attention Everyone”. The dates for the Leavers celebrations in the South West and Rottnest Island are the 20th of November through to the 23rd of November 2017. There has been concern in regards to the cross over with the WACE Examination period however this is unavoidable for a number of reasons but should not be an impact to all leavers attending celebrations. There has been the same situation for the past 4 years and no leaver has been impacted. The majority, if not all WACE Exams will be finished by Friday the 17th of November with low candidature exams if needed to be scheduled early the week commencing the 20th of November 2017.

Leavers is scheduled on those dates due to two major international festivals being held in the South West either side of Leavers Week. There simply won’t be the Policing resources, Health resources, Infrastructure requirements for the entertainment activities and accommodation available for leavers to be delivered if it were to be held later in the week or the following week. Leavers has been such a successful celebration for the young adults finishing school because of the amount of planning and extensive delivery involved which focuses around the leavers having a safe and enjoyable experience.

Thank you for your understanding.

Leavers is an opportunity for Year 12 students from 2017 to celebrate the end of their schooling with their friends.

On this website you will find: Information to help plan your Leavers, Advice to your parents or guardians to help plan Leavers with you and, Tips for you to stay safe during Leavers and where to go for help, if something goes wrong. 


The Leavers Strategy

The State Government Leavers Strategy is a harm minimisation and crime prevention strategy overseen by WA Police working in partnership with key Stakeholders.

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WA Police are there to protect the community, including leavers and visitors, and to uphold the law. We ask that school leavers follow some basic rules.

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Drinking alcohol will not enhance your leavers experience but it may impact on your health and safety and it will impact on your decision making.

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Everyone involved in leavers planning is committed to improving the safety and enjoyment of leavers and the communities they visit.

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